Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Feeling Good Today!

It is party time! I was stuck at 168 for the past three weeks, but when I got on the scales at cardio rehab this morning I just weighed 164. I lost 4 pounds. Yeah!

I am having to pull my good jeans up in the back now where they are beginning to ride down cause they are just a little bit to loose now, and I also got muscle on my upper arms instead of the flab that used to be there. I just wish they could do something about the granny jiggles on the underside, but I guess that all good things takes time.

Because of the holidays I won't be able to go to cardio rehab again until next Monday, but I am going to try to keep getting up at 7:00 AM just like I do when I go there so that I can walk on my treadmill and not lose any ground that I have gained.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December 23, 2009

I was doing really good until the 16th when I started having severe stomach pains. I thought that the Plavix and Aspirin had declared war in my stomach, and I was declared the loser. My blood pressure also shot up and I got really shakey so I had my husband drive me to the emergency room at Fort Sanders Hospital. They took a blood test and told me that I had Pancreatitis.

The cure for Pancreatitis is to let it rest which means mainly living on things like broth and jello then start adding bland foods back gradually, but once it acts up you can never have a full meal again for fear that it will act up again, and if it ever stops working then you can starve to death even while eating because your body can no longer absorb nutrients from your food. Sounds pretty serious right? It was enough to scare me anyway!

For the last five days I have not eaten much of anything except for broth and jello, and when I have gotten real shakey and felt desperate for a meal I have eaten a light lunch. So I thought that at least I would have gotten a little head start on the 30 pounds that I needed to lose. Wrong! I have lost only 2 ounces if that much! Your body conserves energy when you don't eat solid food so that you don't lose weight!

Now I am sick, hungry and depressed.

I went to see my family doctor yesterday, and he changed my blood pressure pill and took me off a dieuretic saying that they aggrevate Pancreatisis, and set me up for an appointment to have an ultrasound this morning at 8:00 AM to see if I have gallstones or some other problem that could have set off my Pancreatitis attack.

Got to go now cause it is time to get ready for my appointment.

Friday, December 11, 2009

December 11, 2009

I went for my first heart rehabilitation yesterday. They had me answer a lot of questions about what kind of mood I have been in over the last few months. They allso wanted to know whether it was more important to me to lose weight, feel better about myself, or to overcome my fears of having a heart attack as a reason for me to be there. I just wanted to feel better.

My weight was now at 165 so I had lost 5 pounds since I had entered the hospital to have the four stents put in last week, and my BMI index was over 40%.

They set a goal for me to lose 20 pounds, and to get my BMI to around 30% over the course of the next 12 weeks.

This cost of this course is $105 a day, and I am supposed to be there three days a week. The coordinator told me that my insurance should pay for it at 100% since I now have my duductible paid after my three day hospital stay, but I wonder how I am to pay for it when the new insurance year starts on Jan 1st.

I am also supposed to keep a food diary so here goes:
coffee with powdered milk mixed with a little cocoa and two Splenda sweetners, plain Cheerios and milk
16.5 oz Coke Zero, 1 piece whole wheat bread and 1 tablespoon peanut butter
Wendys grilled chicken sandwich
1 cup milk and 1 slice whole wheat bread
1 apple and 1 tablespoon peanut butter

Sunday, December 6, 2009

December 6th!

I got on my scales today, and after adjusting it back to zero I seemed to weigh somewhere between 160 and 162. I really need a new pair of scales since everytime I get on the crazy things it tells me a different amount. In any case I seem to have lost a few pounds which makes me happy.

I bummed a ride with friends to service because I felt to dizzy to drive, and I really enjoyed being there.

I think that I may have found where the dizziness is coming from. I seem to have bent my glasses while I was in the hospital which threw the bi-focals off since one lens was now closer to my eye then the other. I was fine while sitting, but it made me feel almost drunk when I walked. My daughter Myra was going to Walmart so I bummed another ride to get my glasses straightened out so maybe I will feel better in them tomorrow.

While I was in the hospital Dr Parker told me that I was now a AB diabetic so if it was white then to not bite, and I am trying to stay away from anything that would cause my sugar level to soar. It is hard but I am trying!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

December 5th, 2009

I started having pain in my chest and left arm a couple of weeks ago, and my blood pressure started going pretty high in the evenings even after taking my two medications to control it so I went to see my family doctor on the day before Thanksgiving. The doctor said that it sounded like I was having angina, and ran an EKG which showed that I was not getting enough oxygen to the heart. He gave me a perscription for Nitrogycerin, and wanted me to go see a cardiologist on the following Monday. I left his office feeling kind of shook up and scared.

Over the next few days I barely ate anything because I had heard that a lot of folks eat to much on Thanksgiving and have a heart attack because of it, and I was not going to be one of those folks. I made it through to Monday with having only one episode of the angina which lasted for only a couple of seconds.

My hubby and I showed up for my appointment to see the cardiologist, Dr John Harper, on Monday. He seemed to not know at first how to proceed with me, but after asking me a few questions he decided to run another EKG. He did not like something in the EKG, because after he looked at it he told me to go over to the hospital next door and sign myself in so that he could do a heart catherization later that afternoon.

When I came out of Dr Harpers office it was going on lunchtime, and my poor hubby had not eaten anything that morning. I could not have him sitting there waiting on me for what was going to be a long evening without eating anything so before signing myself in we drove to McDonalds to get him some lunch. I was not supposed to eat anything, but it did not matter since I was so nervous that I could not have eaten anything if I had tried.

Dr Harper did his catherization later that evening, and I had several blocked arteries, but just one had been causing my problems because it was blocked 95%. Dr Parker decided to fix the 95% blocked one with surgery, and wanted to try to fix the others with medication. He gave me three choices on how to fix the one that was blocked at 95%...uncovered stents where he said that I would probably be back in a year to get it fixed again because it would block back up, covered stents where I would be taking Plavix for a year, and heart by-pass surgery. I choose the covered stents and Plavix for a year, and he scheduled my surgery for the next evening.

The surgery went okay I guess. Dr Harper put four stents in to fix the one blocked artery, and I was given so much of the dye that everytime the nurses tried to give me a pill later I just threw it back up. They finally left me in peace so that I could sleep it off.

I got to go home on Wednesday evening, and I am doing okay I guess. It just seems hard to control my blood pressure, and I get swimmy headed at about 10:00 in the morning and it does not go away until in the evening, and my blood pressure seems to raise after the dizziness passes.

I also do not know what I am supposed to eat, but I am to go see a dietitian Thursday so maybe we can work that problem out.