Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December 23, 2009

I was doing really good until the 16th when I started having severe stomach pains. I thought that the Plavix and Aspirin had declared war in my stomach, and I was declared the loser. My blood pressure also shot up and I got really shakey so I had my husband drive me to the emergency room at Fort Sanders Hospital. They took a blood test and told me that I had Pancreatitis.

The cure for Pancreatitis is to let it rest which means mainly living on things like broth and jello then start adding bland foods back gradually, but once it acts up you can never have a full meal again for fear that it will act up again, and if it ever stops working then you can starve to death even while eating because your body can no longer absorb nutrients from your food. Sounds pretty serious right? It was enough to scare me anyway!

For the last five days I have not eaten much of anything except for broth and jello, and when I have gotten real shakey and felt desperate for a meal I have eaten a light lunch. So I thought that at least I would have gotten a little head start on the 30 pounds that I needed to lose. Wrong! I have lost only 2 ounces if that much! Your body conserves energy when you don't eat solid food so that you don't lose weight!

Now I am sick, hungry and depressed.

I went to see my family doctor yesterday, and he changed my blood pressure pill and took me off a dieuretic saying that they aggrevate Pancreatisis, and set me up for an appointment to have an ultrasound this morning at 8:00 AM to see if I have gallstones or some other problem that could have set off my Pancreatitis attack.

Got to go now cause it is time to get ready for my appointment.

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