Sunday, December 6, 2009

December 6th!

I got on my scales today, and after adjusting it back to zero I seemed to weigh somewhere between 160 and 162. I really need a new pair of scales since everytime I get on the crazy things it tells me a different amount. In any case I seem to have lost a few pounds which makes me happy.

I bummed a ride with friends to service because I felt to dizzy to drive, and I really enjoyed being there.

I think that I may have found where the dizziness is coming from. I seem to have bent my glasses while I was in the hospital which threw the bi-focals off since one lens was now closer to my eye then the other. I was fine while sitting, but it made me feel almost drunk when I walked. My daughter Myra was going to Walmart so I bummed another ride to get my glasses straightened out so maybe I will feel better in them tomorrow.

While I was in the hospital Dr Parker told me that I was now a AB diabetic so if it was white then to not bite, and I am trying to stay away from anything that would cause my sugar level to soar. It is hard but I am trying!

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