Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Feeling Good Today!

It is party time! I was stuck at 168 for the past three weeks, but when I got on the scales at cardio rehab this morning I just weighed 164. I lost 4 pounds. Yeah!

I am having to pull my good jeans up in the back now where they are beginning to ride down cause they are just a little bit to loose now, and I also got muscle on my upper arms instead of the flab that used to be there. I just wish they could do something about the granny jiggles on the underside, but I guess that all good things takes time.

Because of the holidays I won't be able to go to cardio rehab again until next Monday, but I am going to try to keep getting up at 7:00 AM just like I do when I go there so that I can walk on my treadmill and not lose any ground that I have gained.

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