Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Secrets for Weight Loss?

I guess that I really don't have any secrets. I have just been trying to follow my doctor's advice to keep my fat content below 30%, and to cut most sugars and salt from my diet.

I used to drink two regular Cokes a day, and now I am drinking just one Coke Zero. The only sugars that I allow myself are in a Nature Valley Oats and Honey Granola Bar that I have for breakfast, and in my two snacks which are usually two small Dove dark chocolate squares and two graham crackers with peanut butter.

I am usually at work when it comes time for lunch so I have either a deli turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread or a McDonald's Grilled chicken Sandwich with light mayo.

Dinner is usually a problem with hubby since he wants pork or beef, and these have to much fat in them for my diet. Most times dinner is oven baked chicken or occasionally fish so hubby has already doing a lot of complaining saying that he is about to grow wings and start clucking. I compromised today and made ground chuck hamburgers.

I was also advised to eat more vegetables, and this is hard too since hubby does not care much for vegetables except for potatoes, peas and corn. The only way I can get him to eat a salad is to load it up with mayonaise so I usually fix two serving bowls of salad. One with mayonaise for him, and one with with oil and vinegar dressing for me.

I have been taking the cardio rehabilitation classes now on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for six weeks; and this class is all about exercise and motivation so when we get there the first thing they do is to put us on a heart monitor so that we can exercise without fear of hurting ourselves, and then they check our blood pressure and weight. Then we start out by taking a moderate pace five minute walk out in the hallway, then we come in and do an exercise routine, and end by taking the five minute cool down walk out in the hallway again.

I like the classes and they do seem to be helping me get back in shape, but I am not sure that I can continue taking them. I just got my insurance statement for the first week of January for these classes and found that I am expected to pay for the classes myself at the rate of $100 a visit until I have paid my deductible, and after my deductible is reached then I pay $25 per visit.

My hubby has lung cancer and is now drawing disabled social security as many of you probably know from reading my other blogs so I don't have a clue how I am going to pay them just the $75 a week for these classes let alone the $1200 I probably owe them now so I guess that I will be going out on my own to continue my exercise routine.

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